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Download and take it for a test drive yourself here


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Pillow Magazine take TrueView for a test drive to see what they think.

Are The Days of The Awkward Web Profile Over? Interest-based Mobile Dating Is Here

TRADITIONAL online dating can be a minefield – from filling out your profile, to finding a suitable snap of you, and deciphering the profiles of those you find attractive… it’s a full time job.

Well, that’s all about to change as a new free, high-quality mobile app called TrueView lets you simply ‘check in’ and update your status, combined with a category describing your activity and by doing so it matches you with suitable potential partners… errr, couldn’t be more simple!

It’s pretty much like writing a tweet, logging into Foursquare or updating a Facebook status… but with added romance. You gradually you build up a social profile of your interests… and get matched to other singles on that basis.

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Download and take it for a test drive yourself here


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