Officially! Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are husband and wife


Finally, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher fans have learned the truth. For a long time they were wondering whether they were married after the birth of their daughter or continue to live a civil marriage. And only occasionally Ashton published in his blog mysterious images that hinted that the pair still has ahusband and wife, but official confirmation has not been received.

A few days ago Mila was a guest in talk-show of James Corden and embarrassed, replied to the question of marriage – “maybe”. After that Corden asked her to show his left hand. When Mila did, and everyone saw that an engagement ring was on her finger. “They’re married,” – summarised the presenter. And then the actress had to admit it officially.

Now we can congratulate Mila and Ashton with legal marriage and wish them happiness, love and many years of marriage.

Hugh Jackman will no longer play Wolverine

Fans of the famous Australian actor Hugh Jackman were firmly convinced that he is so darling friend with Wolverine that will almost always play him. And they will enjoy new and new pictures of the famous hero. But, as it turned out, this is not so. Yesterday, in his microblog 46-year-old actor made a very surprising statement.

In his “Intsagram” account Jackman wrote under a new photo: “Wolverine … The last time!” And in the photo his famous iron claws of Wolverine were. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK

For the first time a film about Wolverine was screened out to the world in 2000. Ever since it was released with seven more films. Producers reported last year that the next part of the franchise will be released in 2017 to the big screen and will be called “Wolverine 3″.

Rather, it is the last the emergence of Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine. And fans of the famous character “Marvel” are now left wondering: will die Wolverine or some bright and unusual plot device will be applied in the film.

There is no wedding! Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux postponed the ceremony for indefinitely once again

Despite a long talk about the wedding of 46-year-old Jennifer Aniston and 43-year-old Justin Theroux, the couple still have not married. Actors have repeatedly postponed the wedding, citing strong employment.

Fans of Jennifer and Justin try to analyze why their favorites are in no hurry to tie the knot, but do not find any explanation. Even the celebritieNow the actors signed contracts to participate in new projects. Justin soon flies to New York, where he will star in the second season of “Abandoned”, and in the summer to join Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller in Texas filming “Zoolander 2.” And Jennifer is waiting shooting the comedy “Mean mommy.”

A friend of the star couple told the magazine OK !: “Jen and Justin will work five days a week for 12-14 hours a day, thousands of miles away from each other, how anyone can talk about any wedding. Of course, the actress is very wanting to have a wedding in the summer, but, alas, work is work. ”

So, as soon as the wedding certainly will not, and the years are coming …

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