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777 Dragon Judi Bola Casino – Review


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Purchase at least $50 with a Prepaid ATM, earn bonus of $20. Expires Nov. 30

Last updated: 16 NOV 2002The year was 1964 – in Chinese Astrology, a Dragon Year – specifically, a Fire Dragon year. That was the year yours truly came into this world. Strangely enough, this dragon seems to encounter misfortune during each dragon year – that would be 1976, 1988 and 2000 – 12 year cycles. But this year is not a Dragon year – so I thought it would be a good time to try out one of the newest casinos on the Net, the 777 Dragon Casino.

The recently-launched 777 Dragon Casino is a sister Judi Bola casino to one of the Net’s oldest and best-known casinos, Cinema Casino. With its classic Chinese-style design, 777 Dragon immediately appeals to those who have a taste for Oriental things, are of Oriental heritage – or who believe that both 777 and dragons are lucky! In my case, all three match up – even though sevens have no special significance in Chinese culture.

777 Dragon boasts 33 cool games, amongst them the three newest progressive games from Microgaming – Jackpot Deuces (video poker), Progressive Cyberstud Poker and Triple Sevens (blackjack)- along with the six other popular progressive games which took the Net by storm. So off I went to try the new progressives, having tired of even-money games like blackjack.

I played Jackpot Deuces for a while – the object is like standard Deuces Wild Video poker but with the added incentive of a progressive jackpot for a Diamond Royal Flush (natural). Good fun, but after playing it a bit I ended up with a small loss. Having wanted to try all the new games, I opted to quit for a while and go try out Triple Sevens.

Triple Sevens is standard blackjack with a twist – you put up a dollar on the bonus bet, and you get paid a bonus if you are dealt one, two or three sevens beginning with your first card – and if you get three Diamond sevens, you win the progressive. And to my great surprise, the very first card I was dealt was a Diamond seven – worth $5 in bonus money, no complaints there. Played this game for some time and ended up with a small win from straight blackjack, since I only got a seven on the first card on one other hand. A word of warning, however – in this game you must put up the bonus bet, you do not have a choice (other than going to the standard Blackjack tables).

Many of you will probably be familiar with the next game, Progressive Cyberstud Poker – essentially the progressive Caribbean Stud game commonly found in casinos all over the world. Like Triple Sevens, you must put up a bonus bet of $1, hoping to hit one of the bonus payoffs, ranging from $50 for a flush to the progressive jackpot for a royal flush. Around ten hands later, a shocker – I was dealt a full house, worth $100 for the bonus, followed in quick succession by a number of straight wins including a 4-1 payoff for three of a kind – and dealer qualified every single hand. Needless to say, I left the table with a nice little win.

Before I continue, I should mention that 777 Dragon Casino will give you $10 absolutely free to try out their games, plus a 100% match bonus on your first purchase. I hadn’t received either of these bonuses, having gone in to play straight after signing up and depositing money – so I knew that even if I were to lose what I had left, there would still be $60 coming to me. So I loaded up the website in order to get the current status of the progressive jackpots which you see near the top of this page – and decided that Treasure Nile looked like it was worth a whirl. Played that a bit but ended that session with a small loss – so I decided to try yet another progressive.

LotsaLoot looked inviting, so I gave that a try – and a few spins later, WHAM! Three 7s lined up for an 80 coin payout – and that was immediately followed by three Triple Bars for another 60 coins! Another $70 in quick profits – by this time I was starting to feel a bit invincible and decided to try the other four progressives to complete the cycle.

WOWpot was nice to me, giving me another 80 coin payout when I hit two Double Bars with a WOWPot symbol which doubles the value of the payout. CashSplash toyed with me a bit before letting me leave even, Fruit Fiesta managed to squeeze a measly buck out of the account, and finally SupaJax, the first progressive video poker on the Net, handed me a small win.

By this time I had more than $200 in the account – and thought that perhaps I could end the day with wins at each game – so off I went back to Jackpot Deuces to try and reverse the small loss – and boy, did I ever! A few hands in, I was dealt five 3s for a $75 payout – and a few hands later, five 4s! The dragon in me (or in the casino, take your pick) must have woken up, for by this time I was over $400.

I went back to Treasure Nile and Fruit Fiesta, both without success – but if this the way every gaming session goes, I’ll take it any day! I had a net balance of $385 before bonuses, and decided it was time to – you guessed it – write the review. But needless to say, 777 Dragon will be one casino I definitely go back to in the future!

777 Dragon Casino is powered by the well-known Microgaming software platform, with its unique Playcheck and Cashcheck facilities that I have raved about in past reviews. Payment processing is by Proc-Cyber, one of the biggest in the industry, and a safe bet unless you have triggered their fraud screening mechanisms in the past. Its unique design, ease of use, and relationship to another respected online casino should be plenty of reasons for you to go check it out!



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