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Download TrueView the new dating app and meet like-minded sport lovers here


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We all know that the first date is a big one. If not the biggest. It’s your chance to make that first impression and make it a memorable one. Hopefully, not one that you’ll remember because you slammed 10 vodka and red bulls down your neck and spilt an iced beverage down your date’s back! We’ve asked some of our TrueView users about the things that they consider a no-no on a first date. Here’s our list of top-5 things you should avoid:

Mobile Phone – There’s nothing worse than being sat across from somebody who’s eyes are bobbling back and forth between their phone and your face. If this person’s investing his or her time to go out for dinner with you, he or she deserves your full attention. If it’s possible, keep the offending piece of technology out of sight altogether!

Too Touchy – If you’re getting closer and the chemistry is fantastic, don’t ruin it by slithering your creep hands all over her. Play it cool. If she’s into it, she’ll slide closer. If she isn’t, she’ll slip away from your slimy clutches.

Paying for the Bill – This is the 21st century, and guys, you don’t need to pay the whole bill, but it’s definitely not attractive if you don’t even offer to split the check. Let this be the bill that sets the tone for the relationship and let this relationship be an equal one.

Talking about the Ex – They say you should never talk about politics, religion and past flames on a first date. Absolutely under no circumstances should you talk about the latter – you don’t want to give your date the sense you’re still hung up on your ex or rant about how much of a jerk they are. This will definitely make things awkward!

Interview your date – Please don’t ask your date where they see themselves in five years’ time, or what motivates them. Keep it casual and relaxed and start off with a compliment. Keep the conversation flowing by asking about your date’s interests and try to avoid talking about your salary or your accomplishments.

Download TrueView the new dating app and meet like-minded lovers here

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