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Now that Wimbledon is upon us we thought we’d put together some sporty date ideas for our fitness fanatics. Whether you want to show off your climbing skills or free your mind on the lake, here’s 10 things to make your heart race –

Rock Climbing – Rock climbing was practically made for couples. What other two-person activity puts your date’s life in your hands? | Castle Climbing

Bowling – This one’s hardly a sweat breaker but it’s a chance to impress your date with your ball skills | Bloomsbury Bowl

Frisbee – First, anyone can do it. Second, it’s free. Once you’ve tired yourselves out from chasing a frisbee round all afternoon, finish the date off with a lovely picnic in the park. | Frisbee Friendly Parks

Ping Pong – Unusual? Maybe, but seeing how many games you can win without destroying your date’s self-confidence is the biggest challenge. | We Love Ping

Yoga – Want to get primed for some serious bedroom acrobatics? Take a couples yoga class and learn new ways to bend. | TriYoga

Geocaching – Adventurous, simple, (sometimes dangerous) and not so sporty, but definitely fun. Need we say anymore? | Geocaching

Boating – Free yourselves from the crowds and explore the waters. Pack your lifeguard trunks, just incase. | Battersea Park

Tennis – Sweat, speed and more drama than an episode of Eastenders. If you don’t fancy too much activity, you can always watch. It is Wimbledon after all. | Watch Wimbledon

Crazy Golf – This one’s definitely an excuse to wear terrible clothing. Impress your date with a hole in one and your outfit will be the last thing on their mind. | Jurassic Encounter

Kayaking – Kayaking is about as action packed as it can get. This one’s guaranteed to get your date’s heart racing and you never know, you might just sail your way into an action packed evening too. If you know what we mean… | Lee Valley


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