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situs judi online Tournaments From all Major Online Poker Rooms


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Freerolls Guide, which is a division of situs judi online TV Guide network, is all set to storm the online casino market, with a free service. It will provide the first totally automated service to keep a track of free online poker tournaments with cash prizes. This will give a chance to everybody to win money without putting in cash first. It is a known fact that each day, tens of thousands of dollars are given away as prizes in tournaments, free of charge. For many poker online rooms, these freerolls are a way of attracting more customers. As per its new service, Freerolls Guide will track free online poker tournaments from all the big online poker rooms. It is assumed that these will average a total of $50,000 in free money that can be won each day. So now all the poker enthusiasts can go ahead and win big prize amounts, without putting in anything at all from their own wallets. reports:

Freerolls Guide founder and online gaming consultant Markus Sonermo said: ‘The future is certainly looking bright for all poker fans out there who want to take the leap into playing for real money without even taking a glance at their own wallet. By 2006 we predict that there will be over $200,000 available to be won, free of charge, every day of the week’.

The First Green Felt, Poker Table-Shaped Mouse Pad to Give the Poker Players a Feel of the Real Game, During Online Play

The joy of playing real time poker can never be replaced or taken over by playing it virtually during online games. Clicking the chips of the green felt does not give the same feel as that of holding them. However, one innovative product hopes to change it all. PokerPadz, the first green felt poker table shaped mouse pad, is being marketed by two enterpreneurs. This mouse pad has been designed such that, it is large enough to hold a couple of stacks of chips. It duplicates the feel of  live action even as players click their mouse and their chips. For the hardcore poker enthusiast, this mouse pad gives the feeling of being present right on the scene. It gives the sensation of taking part in all the live action, with even the sound of clicking poker chips being duplicated. reports:

Made from the same materials used on casino poker tables around the world, Pokerpadz feature a 8″ x 14″ felt covering a soft foam pad, edged by a vinyl bumper in the oval shape of a poker table. PokerPadz allows players to shuffle, stack, roll and even bounce their poker chips while deciding if ‘count chip69’ is bluffing or really does have the nuts,” says Kevin King, of K & K Noverlites, LLC.

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