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slot onlain Room review


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I’m a little late linking this up, but in my defense, I accidentally clicked “Mark All Read” in my feed reader a few weeks ago and missed it.

Ok, maybe that isn’t a defense.

Adam has written a well-thought-out review of The slot onlain Room in Jacksonville, FL. Actually, to nitpick, it’s in unincorporated St. Johns county. But yeah, you wouldn’t have the first clue were that is, would you? So, it’s in Jacksonville.

Mrs. Big’s Blog

Giving a little link-love to Mrs. Big, who has been shooting the lights out at the past few weeks breaking all kinds of product recall news. It looked like scooped the blogosphere early this morning with this one:

Chinese manufacturing executive commits suicide over slot online

If you’re a Digger, please do her a favor and digg one out for her.

By the way, I know she has the inside scoop on some additional toy recalls coming down the pike, probably later this week. She refuses to blog about it yet because of that, whadyacallit, ethics thing.


Rumors, originating from that paragon of truth and virtue, Adam “I’m-less-talented-than-Jimmy-Kimmel-and-that’s-saying-a-lot” Carolla’s radio show say that Jessica Alba got Herpes from Derek Jeter. Larry Brown at AOL Sports points out at he’s also done the “dirty” deed with Mariah Carey and Jessica Biel.

What do I have to say about it?

I’d risk a non-lethal STD to be with any of them.

Enjoyed my night off

Yeah, that was what I was saying when I overplayed 7-7 into A-A in the mookie last night.

Shame, I felt like I was playing well, despite being crippled on a 3-street bluff. I rebuilt from 215 with blinds at 60/120 to back over 5K.

Grumble, grumble, grumble…

Prior to the mookie, I played an FTOPS super sat, finishing 4th when I lost to a 3-outer in a 3-way pot. Again, I was playing well, but it wasn’t meant to be. At least I moneyed, but that wasn’t the point, was it?

Oh well, it was good to just veg out and enjoy a game rather than work, work, work.

Dirty spamming scoundrels

The spammers are still out in force. Hopefully, most of you don’t see this because I follow up fairly quick and delete the comments. It’s silly, really, because they’re completely ignorant to the fact that Blogspot domains have a default “nofollow” tag in all comments, so any links there have zero SEO benefit. The best they can hope for is a little traffic, but you all are way t0o smart to click through the links of a spammer, so it’s a complete a waste of time to be spamming this unique casino blog.

Anyway, here’s a note I wrote to the offending site:

Someone associated with your website has just left 4 spam comments on my blog in the space of 90 minutes. At first, I thought it was one of your affiliates, but there are no affiliate codes in these links. Therefore, the only explanation is that believes spamming the comments of a VERY ACTIVE and reasonably well-read poker and gambling blog is an ethical business practice.

I disagree.

I sell advertising to companies like I aggressively protect the value these advertisers pay for and take steps to eliminate all spam from my blog. If you’d like to discuss a paid-advertising relationship, I would be happy to send you a proposal. However, if your representatives continue to engage in unethical spamming, I will aggressively defend the value of this blog.

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