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Carbon Poker’s Josekk at the sanghoki


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Back in January we held a Choose Your Own Seat Tournament. A unique type of event where the winner can choose which tournament they will win a seat to. Josekk managed to win that tournament and 7 months later was getting of to Vegas for the sanghoki main event.

Unfortunately Josekk didn’t manage through day 1, busting out 50 minutes before the close of play. Some tough beats – pocket aces and kings getting trumped,and a dry run of cards

didn’t put much luck in Josekk’s favor. However he did manage to play some marginal hands well to last out past the first break and earn some kudos from fellow players. Josekk, although busting out early, has reported that it was a great experience, and would certainly play again given the chance. Congratulations on making it there Josekk and I hope you do get that chance. You can all check out Josekk living the dream in the pic just above.

We are the champions

The finale to the Summer Champs series of events – the Tournament of Champions finally played out over the weekend. This event saw two unique features – varied starting chip stacks based upon leader board rankings, and a continually changing animated table design. Surprisingly only 231 of the 250 players turned up to compete for the $15,000 jackpot prize pool.

1st place winner took in over 4,000 in cash winnings, and a cool new player accolade. Congratulations 420smoke. Congratulations also to JamesScou, the final two players went hard at it for a grueling 130 hands until Scou, chasing an inside straight from the flop, bet hard, only to be raised by smoke with two pair, Scou then forced all in. The turn saw another ten and a full house for Smoke.

Main Event Update

The World Series of Poker Main Event has certainly brought out the best and most interesting the poker world has to offer. Poker legend Phil Hellmuth made his typical flamboyant entrance, cavaliering in military style with a jeep and US army uniform (coincidently dressed as an 11-star general with a posse of 11 stunning ladies). This years WSOP is not surprisingly the largest in history with regards to prize money and number of players.

Some updates on the progress:

– The main event has completed four day 1 rounds so far, and busted plenty of pokers best.

– Close to 1000 players still remain in the $10,000 buy in event.

– Currently the leader board chip stacks range from over $100,000 to around $3,000

Several professional athletes joined the field including golfer Paul Azinger, pitcher David Wells and UFC hard ass Chuck Liddell, who sat opposite Doyle Brunson at the ESPN feature table.

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