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The Roller Coaster of a Tourney slothoki


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Otis had quite a ride on Ultimate Bet last night. He played in a $30 tourney that had 176 entrants. First prize was more than $1000.

Sometimes you get the cards, and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it’s back-and-forth, hand-to-hand. It’s the kind of night Otis had.

From the moutain top to the valley and back again. The only thing I’ll give away is that cowboys played an awfully big role!

Here are all the hands I was able to record. Unless it got to a slothoki , I don’t know what Otis had. Enjoy!

Hand #15

It’s early, Otis has 980 chips in the big blind of 20 and no one raises in front of him, so he checks. Four players are in the hand.

The flop comes 6c, Kd, 7h. Otis opens with 80 and “pkschump” calls.

The turn is the 8s, putting a straight draw on the board. Otis bets 55, “pkschump” raises to 180, Otis calls.

The river is the 4h, four parts of a straight. Otis bets 75, “pkschump” raises to 150, Otis calls.

“pkschump” shows pocket rockets, Otis’ Kh, Ts doesn’t cut it.


Hand #16

Next hand, and our hero is already down to 550. He’s in the small blind of 10 and after two callers in front of him, he raises to 100. Is he tilting already? His early nemesis, “pkschump” calls.

The flop brings 3h, 3s, Ks. Otis limps with 20 and “pkschump” calls.

The turn is the Th. Otis limps again with 20 and “pkschump” raises. Otis goes all-in for 430 and gets called. Is it over already?

Showdown time and this time, Otis has American Airlines, “pkschump” has Ad, Kd. Only a K knocks out Otis.

The river is a harmless Qh, and Otis is back up to 1140.


I lost a hand in here, but Otis bet big again, only to lose when yet another AA showed up.


Hand #22

Otis is down to 660 in an early position. He raises to 70 and gets two callers.

The flop is 6c, Jc, 2d. Otis bets 80 and both call.

The turn is the 7d. Otis goes all-in for 510. Is this it? He gets a caller.

In this showdown, it’s Otis’ Ad, Kd vs. “Kralj’s” Qc, Tc. Two flush draws, Otis has the advantage.

The river is the diamond Otis wanted and he’s back up to 1490.


Hand #23

Very next hand, Otis raises from an early position to 70. He gets one caller.

The flop is 6d, 5s, Qh. Otis bets 170 and gets no callers. If he didn’t have the Q, he at least bet like he did.


Hand #25

Two hands later, Otis is at 1590 and in the big blind of 20. It’s raised to 110 in front of him, and he calls, along with one other.

The flop is Ts, Jh, 2d. A big stack, “Dire Wolf”, bets 330. Otis calls, as does another big stack, “get2u.”

The turn is the Ks. “Dire Wolf” bets 100, Otis goes all-in for 1150, “get2u” goes all-in for 1530, “Dire Wolf” calls! Is this it?!?

Showdown time, and “get2u” shows Kh, Tc, he’s got two pair. “Dire Wolf” has pocket rockets (they’re cheap tonight), but he’s behind in the hand. Our hero has Kc, Jh, the best two-pair.

The river is a harmless 5d, and Otis is up to 4770 and in 1st place overall. Just like that, the roller coaster is at the top.


Hand #61

Otis has finally taken a break, after seeing the most action he’s seen since his bachelor party. He’s in early position when he raises the big blind of 40 to 80. He gets two callers.

The flop is 5c, Ts, 6h. Otis bets 280 and “cycle100cc” calls.

The turn is the 5s. Otis bets 840 and the little stack can’t take the heat.


Hand #63

Otis is at 6970 now, well up on the field. He’s in the big blind of 40 and just checks to three callers.

The flop is 6d, 2s, 7c. Otis bets 40 and “cycle100cc” calls.

The turn is the 2c. Otis bets 40 and “cycle100cc” raises to 400. Otis was apparently trapping because he raises the guy all-in and gets called.

In the showdown, “cycle100cc” has As, Jc, but Otis has a boat, thanks to the 7d, 2h. Yep, he’s got a boat with 7-2 offsuit, the worst starting hand in poker.

“cycle100cc” gets no help with the Kh on the river, and Otis is now up to 8725.


Hand #64

Small blind time now, and Otis raises to 80, getting two callers.

The flop is 8h, 6s, 4h. Otis limps with 40 and both call.

The turn is the 6c. Otis limps with 40 and both call.

The river is the 2h. Otis hammers with 480 and both fold. That’s what big stacks do. He’s up to 9045.


Hand #71

Big blind time, and Otis checks to three callers.

The flop is 5s, 8c, 3c. “drsteve”, the second biggest stack at the table, bets 240, and Otis calls.

The turn is the 2d. Otis bets 60 and gets called.

The river is the Jc, and both check. Otis was apparently trapping because he turns over the nut flush, Ac, Tc. “drsteve” mucks his pair of T’s.

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