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The last two days saw the first 2 day event of the SCOOP series. Event 10 was a single freezeout.

The small event eclipsed the $250,000 garanteed by PokerStars. 20,353 entered making a massive $610,590.00 prize pool. 4,500 players walked away with some money for their troubles. But, it was the final nine that took home the lion’s share.

Only 4 Pokerstars pros made it into the cash, Vanessa Rousso in 3727th place, Peter Eastgate in 3023rd, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier in 1312th, and Marcin “Goral” Horecki in 974th place.

At the end of day 1, s 먹튀검증 carface0928 and celofyz33 would rule with a massive 18million chips.

dunkmaster50 started the day fourth in chips, but he would be slammed in tenth place as the final table bubble boy. He would still grab $2,137.07 on his $33 investment.

The tournament would belong to BodogBanshee however, as he would take the SCOOP Championship watch along with the $54,953.11 earned as Event #8′s NLHE low buy-in champion.

SCOOP Event #8-Low NLHE Results:

  1. BodogBanshee $54,953.11
  2. frado82 $37,795.53
  3. magicdave2 $27,476.56
  4. scarface0928 $21,370.66
  5. celofyz33 $15,264.76
  6. Harperfr $9,158.86
  7. WalkerDCFC $6,105.91
  8. RandyV $4,579.43
  9. martin-king $3,052.96

In the $320 medium event there were 6274 runners creating a $1,882,200 pot.

Chip counts were as follows as the final table got underway:

Seat 1: AlexanderT (16,385,317 in chips)

Seat 2: frankpark9 (1,870,928 in chips)

Seat 3: bayoougieman (4,707,352 in chips)

Seat 4: KennyDav (5,358,765 in chips)

Seat 5: MKKMOO (7,703,971 in chips)

Seat 6: cuthbertt (3,348,794 in chips)

Seat 7: Craps4Dinner (8,874,060 in chips)

Seat 8: dselnick (7,741,573 in chips)

Seat 9: Mark018 (6,749,240 in chips)

FTR’s very own Cuthbertt made it to the FT (aka drmcboy) but was crippled when he moved in over the top of bayoougieman’s 456,789 opening raise and got called. His 99 was in bad shape against bayoougieman’s QQ. There was no help for cuthbertt on the board and he was left with less than one big blind when all was said and done. Craps4Dinner claimed the rest of his chips only two hands later, sending him to the rail in 7th place for a $41,408.41 take.

After cuthbertt’s elimination, the six remaining players agreed to take a look at chip count chop numbers. After a full 30 minutes of failed negotiations, the game resumed.

Immediately after Craps4Dinner’s elimination in 5th, the tournament was paused so the chip count chop numbers could be re-run. After 20 minutes of negotiations and fine-tuning, the four remaining players arrived at a deal. The rest of the tournament would be played out for an additional $30,000, the title, and the Champion’s Watch.

As heads-up play commenced, AlexanderT held a better than 5-1 chip lead over MKKMOO:

Seat 1: AlexanderT (51,900,711 in chips)

Seat 5: MKKMOO (10,839,289 in chips)

After playing a few small pots, AlexanderT put MKKMOO away on the 13th hand of heads-up play. MKKMOO got his remaining 10.1 million in pre-flop with A5o only to have AlexanderT wake up to JJ. JJ held and AlexanderT won, earning a coveted SCOOP title, $206,369.17, and a SCOOP Champion’s Watch. For his runner-up finish, MKKMOO earned $204,931.56.

Results for SCOOP Event #8-Medium, $320 NLHE

  1. AlexanderT ($206,369.17)*
  2. MKKMOO ($204,931.56)*
  3. dselnick ($191,335.64)*
  4. bayoougieman ($148,490.80)*
  5. Craps4Dinner ($79,052.41)
  6. KennyDAV ($60,230.41)
  7. cuthbertt ($41,408.41)
  8. Mark018 ($22,586.41)
  9. frankpark9 ($14,587.06)

*= reflects a four-way deal that left aside $30,000 for the champion

The $3,150 High Event saw almost a $300,000 overlay, with only 915 runners.

The final table was set with chip counts as follows:

Seat 1: KingKobeMVP (642,861 in chips)

Seat 2: Choron (1,302,043 in chips)

Seat 3: nofingclue11 (263,740 in chips)

Seat 4: rubenrtv (1,110,771 in chips)

Seat 5: pokerjamers (2,381,291 in chips)

Seat 6: MCMATTO (871,427 in chips)

Seat 7: Skint Paddy (893,200 in chips)

Seat 8: hadouk3n (1,313,956 in chips)

Seat 9: mahoney3 (370,711 in chips)

The final three players decided to discuss a chip-chop and pause the game to see some numbers. It seemed fairly unlikely that an agreement would be made given the chat. Various disagreements about numbers caused the host to restart play, but the players continued to talk and asked for another pause in the action a little while later. The three came to an agreement that would leave $60,000 out for the winner and award the players as follows:

Seat 3: nofingclue11 (2,180,479 in chips) = $390,000

Seat 5: pokerjamers (1,974,014 in chips) = $380,000

Seat 6: MCMATTO (4,995,507 in chips) = $410,500

The cards were then back on the screen. It wasn’t long before pokerjamers lost a few more chips and decided to move. The hand began with a raise from MCMATTO and reraise from nofingclue11. pokerjamers then pushed with JJ and nofingclue11 made the call with AQo. The board came 7d Ts Kd 8s Qs, and the queens took it, leaving pokerjamers with a third place finish and agreed-upon amount of $380,000.

Heads-up action began as follows:

Seat 3: nofingclue11 (3,796,493 in chips)

Seat 6: MCMATTO (5,353,507 in chips)

Nofingclue11 came out as the aggressor. Play continued for nearly an hour, with nofingclue11 not letting up. That was until one hand changed everything. The turning point was a double-through on the part of MCMATTO.

Only a few hands later, nofingclue11 pushed his stack of little more than 1 million all-in after a preflop raising war. He showed A5dd, but MCMATTO called with A8cc. The board came 6d 7h 7s Th 2h and nofingclue11 was relegated to a second place finish and the $390,000 that went with it.

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