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BigDaddyKing Wins꽁머니 지급X Event 17


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Event #17 on Full Tilt’s 꽁머니   X calendar was a NL Hold ‘em 4 x shootout 6-max affair

with a $200 + $16 buy-in and a $250,000 guarantee.  1,094 entrants shelled out their entry fee, which wasn’t enough to break the guaranteed prize pool but formed a deep field nevertheless, with the bonus of a decent overlay.

With a gross of 144 places getting paid, only one Full Tilt pro made the money, despite a good representation of the pros.  Early casualties included Peter “Nordberg” Feldman (1089th), Roy “The Oracle” Winston (1077th), Hendon Mob member Ram Vaswani (1027th), followed by Andy “The Monk” Black (1009th) and Nikolay Edakov (1001st).  And the pros kept on falling.  Next up – or rather, out – was Michael aka Maciek Gracz (846th), then Richard “Quiet Lion” Brodie (735th), Thomas Bihl (701st), Brandon Adams (592nd), Steve Brecher (580th), Dag Martin “dmmikkel” Mikkelsen (509th), Hans Vogel (492nd), Sigi Stockinger (431st), Aaron Bartley (427th), Scott Fischman (390th), Marco Leisy (363rd), Hendon Mob member Barny Boatman (301st), Erich Froelich (258th), John DAgositino (251st), and Ali Sarkeshik (166th).

Players of note that made the cash were Eric “sheets” Haber (94th) for $550, Mark “The Omaholic” Roland (50th) for $750, Austrian native and Full Tilt pro Stefan Rapp (40th) for $750 and Canadian player Rami “Arbianight” Boukai (36th) for $1,125.

The final table for this 6-max shootout lined up with DLizzle, Shoomie, TerenzHill, SNACKERS, justakid69 and BigDaddyKing, each starting with 547,000 in chips.  TerenzHill was the first eliminated at the 3,000/6,000/750 level when his turned set of sevens ran into Shoomie’s rivered straight.  Terenz walked away with $6,000.  Shoomie then knocked out DLizzle, calling DLizzle’s Ac6d button shove from the small blind with AhQs.  The flop came all clubs with a Q giving Shoomie top pair and DLizzle the nut flush draw but no more clubs came and he walked away in fifth spot with $8,750.

The final four turned into the final three with another button shove, this time from justakid69 who put all his chips in the middle with A4, only to get called by SNACKERS with QQ.  Nothing fell to help justakid69 and he was gone with $12,500 for his trouble.

Three-handed play started with Shoomie holding 1,364,555 chips to SNACKERS’ 1,258,103, with BigDaddyKing pulling up the rear as the shortstack with 659,342.

BigDaddyKing didn’t stay in last for long however, taking over the chiplead and then eliminating SNACKERS at the 15,000/30,000/4,000 level with KdKh against SNACKERS’ JhJd. SNACKERS was sent packing with a third place payday of $18,300.

It was then left to Shoomie to battle it out with the chipleader, with 621,027 in chips to BigDaddyKing’s 2,660,973.  At the 25,000/50,000/6,000 level, BigDaddyKing opened to 100,000 holding Ks8s.  Shoomie reraised to 321,321 holding 9c9s.  BigDaddyKing called and caught Kh on the flop with no improvement for Shoomie, but Shoomie shoved his chips in anyway and BigDaddyKing called with his top pair.  The turn and river were no help to Shoomie and he was eliminated in second for $27,500.  BigDaddyKing won $43,750 for his first place showing , and landing in a multi-way tie for 18th on the FTOPS X Leaderboard.  That put BigDaddyKing just 4 chips behind FTP pro Aaron Bartley who stands alone in 17th.

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