The FACTS sheet

“GOLDMINE Roulette Method”

Copyright © 1999 by XerxX

Type of System Prediction

Type of Casino Terrestrial and Internet

Type of Wheel Single- and Double-zero

Where to bet Outside

Progression Positive and Negative

Bank Roll 100 (suggest in instr)

Bank Roll BU ?

Sold by Richard B Graham

Price USD29:95 (credit-card payment)

Bonus Yes

Delivery Snail-mail, first class

Homepage Goldmine Roulette Method


THIS METHOD IS SO ADVANCED it could not have been developed with out the help of a computer. An artificial intelligence program found a “safe way”… Such things are to be found at the homepage of the system (see chart above). Is it really that advanced? I ask myself… And after reading the instructions I have an answer to that: NO!


THIS SYSTEM is a two-part system; a prediction and a progression, connected to each other to some degree.


For the prediction, Mr Graham claims that the way he suggests is mathematically correct – based on some thousands of recorded spins. Well, as I think that this way is the natural betting way I could have let it be with that. But when Mr Graham also claims that this suggested way outevens the zeros, I think he’s way out. And what a coincident that the result from the spins investigated, was just exactly the correct percentage when all zeros (single and double) were accounted for. Or something…


SO, I HAD TO SEE FOR MYSELF if the suggested way could beat the house, as he claims. I ran the rules through the full days files, following his เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์ rule on how to handle zeros (in my opinion the natural way, here) checking how many times there was a win using the suggested method. When all zero-spins where a bet would have been lost were excluded, I found – not surprisingly – that the hit-rate was as close to the expected as possible… So this way does certainly not even out the zeros! (This is “based on recording hundreds of thousands of spins in German casinos”)


THE OTHER PART of the system is a progression. It is not started automatically at the first spin but when, it is active for the rest of the session. It is not complicated – in fact; it is so very simple… (When flat-betting, but otherwise following all rules through the Hamburg one-year file, I had a significantly lower loss per unit bet than using the original rules.)


THE GAMEPLAY is splitted into sessions. It’s up to you how many you want to play, each lasting less than 15 spins. There is a stop-loss signal and a goal to reach if you’re winning – either way is the end of a session, the shortest being two spins. Time passes by quickly as you have to focus on how much and where to bet, noting the spins carefully. The selection and progression are both very simple but I recommend the use of pen and paper as all is depending on previous spins you have to remember.


AND YOU GET SOME BONUS! Yeah, impressive; a bunch of gambler’s tips on horse-racing, slot-machines, black-jack and craps… Enough said about that…


THE OVERALL VERDICT – in my opinion – is that this is a cheap prediction with a cheap betting scheme (the progression) giving a poor result. In HAMBURG i lost 2.72% (close to the house-edge) after close to 9,000 sessions and more than 58,000 bets.


And I wonder; where did all the computer-work go that is so much praised in the home-page ad but in the instructions booklet not mentioned by a single word…



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