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Wacky wagers abound on Superbowl Sbobet Sunday


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I remember years ago you could bet if Refrigerator Perry of the Chicago Bears would score a touchdown in the Superbowl against New England Patriots. Does the casino still offer such wagers, or was that just a one-time occurrence? Dusty G.

What you describe in your question, Dusty, is called a proposition (prop) bet, a wager the sportsbook offers at odds and conditions of its own choosing. Prop bets can be which team will score the most touchdowns, most field goals, most first downs or most yards in a game. A prop bet can also be which running back will score first or rush for the most yards. Most prop bets are offered at 11 for 10 odds, but, depending on the wager subject, some of the more outlandish bets can be offered at freakish odds.

Offered on many of the big sporting events, these batty bets are best found on Superbowl Sunday, where you can wager the whole shebang from who will win the coin toss, to will the Tennessee Titans score more points than Shaq will tally in his NBA game on the same day.

Dear Mark,

What happens on a parlay card if you tie? Donšt you automatically lose? Paul W.

Before betting your hard-earned money, Paul, skeptically scrutinize the offered parlay card. Some specify that ties lose, some that they push, and you might even find the true rarity, a card where ties actually win. Other parlay cards avoid ties entirely by ending all spreads at a 1/2-mark. Of course, you can shop for value and find parlay cards that either push or win on ties, but instead, you could also make a parlay bet right off the board versus a card that was printed earlier in the week. Besides possibly getting a better number on a game than the one printed on the parlay cards, your ties generally push, not lose.

Dear Mark,

Reading your column for this week, I read a letter from a man who attempted to double Sbobet down for less with $10 on a $20 bet, but was not allowed to do so by the dealer. I deal in a casino, which allows players to double for less, however, the additional bet must be at least the table minimum. Very often I am met by irate customers who don’t like or understand this rule, but I believe the rule is shared by other casinos in this area. Just wanted to share that information with you and suggest that Chuck D. might have been playing at a $15 table in which a $10 double down would not be allowed. Drew W.

It’s not often that you see players trying to bet under the table minimum, as it wouldn’t be a keen move, particularly if they were to double for notably less on an 11, get a lousy two, and were now unable to draw additional cards, especially when the dealer has a 7, 8, 9, 10 or ace showing. As you know being a dealer, Drew, far too many players overlook that doubling down is an offensive move, and they should always bet the full amount whenever possible. Chuck D’s predicament was that all he had was dollar in hand and a pocket full of sand.

Gambling quote of the week: “Part of me wants to lose weight, and part of me wants to gorge on comps… So far the gorge part is winning out.” Barry Meadow



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