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10 Really Cool Online Qiu Qiu Casinos


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Defining “cool” is no easy task. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure… beauty is in the eye of the beholder… you see where this is going. So, are there any cool online casinos out there? We think so, but then you don’t have to take our word for it. That’s cool with us. See for yourself:

CowboyCasino ( With a name like Cowboy Casino you would think that only the coolest customers are granted entrance. But even if you thought you were too cool for school when you were knee-high to a grasshopper, you might get your kicks (or learn a few new tricks) by attending the Cowboy Casino Gambling School.

TruePoker ( Sucking at poker is definitely not cool. True Poker aims to help improve your game by providing you with links to numerous poker sites and a variety of resources like Gambling Online Magazine.

CasinoOnNet ( Each month, the Casino On Net Donations Project donates thousands of dollars to charities like Net Aid, Free the Children and Earth Action. How cool is that?

BlackRhinoCasino ( If the main focus of your Qiu Qiu casino is to help protect the world’s most endangered animals and “to become the best online casino in the world,” are you too cool for shoes? Maybe. But then again Black Rhino Casino donates 10 percent of its profits to the Endangered Species Protection Foundation. And that’s pretty cool.

PiggsPeakCasino ( Pigs are cool, too. Billed as the world’s first combined land and online casino, Piggs Peak Casino is run by the Protea Hotel Piggs Peak near Swaziland, which is really cool because most of us probably don’t even know where Swaziland is…exactly.

Lasseters ( Hailed as the “world’s first government licensed and regulated Internet casino,” Lasseters also has child protection software packages available (like Net Nanny and Cyber Patrol) for players who share their computers with under age users.

Omni Casino ( By playing at Omni Casino, you can earn cool travel rewards such as free companion tickets, VIP vacations to Las Vegas or monthly cash giveaways. A unique affiliate program entitles you to revenue-sharing commissions.

InterCasino ( InterCasino has a Players’ Club Comp Program that rewards regular players with accumulative comp points. And if you’re a “Where’s Waldo” aficionado, then you’ll love “Find RyanH.” How does it work? You have to be sitting at a multi-player table to qualify and if RyanH (that’s his username) spots you, you could win a cool $100.

DrHo ( Dr. Who? Has anyone ever met the mysterious Dr. Ho? Apparently, this guy has not only survived a pirate attack, but he’s also one hell of a ballroom dancer, the owner of several hugely successful Asian casinos, and he is known as “the god who fulfills people’s wishes,” or so they say.

CdCasino ( This Flash-y site offers free games (like Astro Slots and City Slots) and gives away free prizes. Free is cool.




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