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RealTime IDNPLAY Gaming releases Version 1.9 of casino gaming software, introducing new blackjack and poker games


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Atlanta, GA – September 26, 2002 – Online casino software developer RealTime Gaming announced today the release of Version 1.9 of their internet-based casino gaming software. Fresh from a completed round of BETA testing, Version 1.9 – the ninth release in under two years – is being introduced to all 44 RealTime Gaming licensees this week. RealTime executives promise a host of new features for players and licensees alike, including new game variations and expanded back-end player search tools.


According to Michael Staw, President of RealTime Gaming, Version 1.9 “reflects the features our licensees and their players are really looking for. We listened to a lot of feedback and tried to develop the enhancements they really want – exciting new games for the players, and a robust back-end system that allows for even more flexible behind-the-scenes management for administrators.”


Player Focus


Players will see a number of changes in Version 1.9, most notably the new game options, including five new variations on traditional Blackjack. According to Staw, the new Blackjack games – Caribbean 21, Super 21, Face-Up 21, Pontoon, and Match Play 21 – will highlight new rules and bonus payout opportunities that will appeal to a wide range of players, from rookies to seasoned veterans.


Version 1.9 boasts another game innovation with the introduction of RealTime’s patented video poker game, Mystery Bonus Poker.


Administrator Flexibility


In addition to new IDNPLAY games, back-end enhancements are also expansive. Changes cover a wide variety of areas, from advancements in player marketing to beefed-up security protocols to flexible new player search and reporting options. The enhancements address a number of licensee requests, the result of direct feedback from the operators.


According to Diane Foster, RealTime Director of Operations, the aim in developing and introducing new games and backend enhancements is to “keep our software fresh and rewarding for both the players and the operators…our clients’ input is invaluable…it’s the best way we know to identify and implement the changes they need today, and to anticipate the changes they’ll need down the road. We think this working partnership is the best way we can bring real value to the marketplace and generate revenue growth for our clients,” says Foster.


Future Releases


Even with Version 1.9 just out of the gates, the RealTime Gaming development team is hard at work on the next two iterations of their software platform, with scheduled release updates in the remaining months of 2002. Staw promises the new versions will be very player focused with even more new games for players to choose from, an enhanced lobby-style menu system, and new multi-player games – designed so players can play head-to-head or compete for cross-casino jackpots.


As for the quick-turn update schedules, Staw explains, “We have to stay aggressive… players want more than just something new, they want new games and features they can really get excited about. That’s what we’re giving them with each new release – the players demand it.”


Founded in 1998, RealTime Gaming creates Internet casino software for some of the most successful casinos on the Internet, employing some of the most sought after talent in the areas of game programming, web development, and business statistics.




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