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C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. announces the signing of an agreement with MIOS Mercadeo S.A. to launch a suite of 10 new and attractive Pick3 & Pick4 Theme Slot Online Games.


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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica–(PRESS WIRE)-July 7-C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. announces that the Americas Daily Numbers site at which has been fully operational since January 21, 2000 is expanding its operations to include 10 new Theme Games similar to the flagship game site. A contract has recently been signed with MIOS Mercadeo, S.A. a premier database and lottery program developer for the creation of these games at a rate of at least one new game per month.


These new sites will each have attractive themes and will possibly have celebrity endorsements making it possible for member players worldwide to participate in 68 different America’s daily Pick3 and Pick4 numbers games corresponding to the various official States’ daily numbers drawings.


In the United States, millions of Americans play the Pick3 & Pick4 lottery games every single day… and now, through Americas International Online Numbers Game Club, you can join them. According to La Fleur’s 2000 World Lottery Almanac the dawn of a new Millennium is the US$135 billion worldwide lottery industry. In fiscal 1998 U.S. lottery sales alone totaled US$36 billion.


Now for the first time, member players can purchase Pick3 & Pick4 game tickets online anytime 24-hours a day. 68 different games daily – play one or play them all! When it comes to game integrity… Americas Daily Numbers game suites are second to none!


Pick3 & Pick4 game ticket format, purchase price, drawing results, and payouts are almost the same as in the United States. What is different is that slot online terpercaya  players can now purchase tickets online 24-hours a day up to one half hour before official drawing times that correspond to numbers that they have selected as their winning numbers. Lottery marketers are finding more futuristic answers to reach the broad Internet audience with interactive lotteries and number games.


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. is uniquely positioned to become the premier online daily numbers game portal site… featuring all of America’s daily Pick3 & Pick4 numbers games never before available online. While the vision was born nearly a decade ago, based on current Internet trends the product couldn’t come to market at a more advantageous time. The Web is spurring e-commerce in ways no one would have believed possible ten years ago,” says Sheyla Badilla, Spokesperson. “Americas Daily Numbers provides a powerful, highly-flexible, and very user-friendly environment.”


C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A. is an entertainment content company. The company will generate tremendous revenues from marketing the new 10 Americas Daily Numbers style daily numbers games to a diverse group of online wagers. is set to penetrate the $965 Million Internet Gaming Market. It is estimated that in 1999, revenue from Internet gambling exceeded $965 million. With operations offshore, the Company plans to target European and Asian markets that have never before been able to participate in numbers games online.


This new marketing strategy immediately positions the Company for rapid growth, given its ultimate accessibility to online gaming enthusiasts worldwide.


According to an article in USA Today (March 12, 1999), Internet gaming revenue is projected to reach $2.3 billion by 2001. By 2002, that figure is expected to climb to $10.2 billion. (Financial Times, London). This incredible demand for online gaming, particularly outside of North America, is a unique opportunity for C.U.T.I. de Alajuela, S.A., to establish the portal as one of the strongest brands on the Internet.


Top European business leader joins QuizPeople as corporate advisor


Former FLS CEO, Birger Riisager has joined the Danish entertainment site as a corporate advisor and member of its board.


Copenhagen, Denmark, July 6, 2000- Europe’s #1 online game is proud to announce its association with one of Denmark’s most distinguished and respected business leaders Birger Riisager.


The move was made possible by Bank Invest, the Danish venture group, which called Riisager not less than ten minutes after he had stepped down from the CEO post at FLS Industries and offered him the leadership role with the investment group, which in turn sits on QuizPeople’s board. Riisager was then asked by the bank group to assume the corporate advisor role with the start up, which he enthusiastically agreed to.


“The QuizPeople site has a fantastic and exciting concept and I look forward to working with its creative and hard working staff,” said Riisager to the Danish financial daily Borsen. Adding, “the basics are the same whether it’s the old economy or new; it’s about earning money,” referring to his plunge into the new e-economy and his joining the Internet site.


Riisager brings the savvy and know how of a seasoned veteran of the international business community to the entertainment site. As CEO of FLS Industries he was leader of one of Scandinavia’s largest and most successful international companies.


“Birger Riisager is a dynamic leader and we look forward to the expertise and experience he brings to the company,” said QuizPeople managing director John Olsen about the move.


QuizPeople was founded just one year ago and has since grown to become Europe’s #1 online game site boasting over one million plus unique visitors monthly. It is presently available in 10 languages with number 11 (Portuguese) set to go on line. The entertainment site just recently opened the doors to its North American site with plans calling for sites to open shortly in the Far East, Latin America and the remaining European countries.




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