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InterCasino 168 Player Hits $144,679 Jackpot


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LONDON — “I was totally shocked! I’ve been using InterCasino for several years now and I’ve always had fun playing. I’ve won $20 now and again, but I though that the big jackpot was for somebody else …” beams InterCasino’s latest jackpot winner Erin (player-name “Erin31″) after winning $144,679.64 on the frequently-paying Rags to Riches progressive slot machine.” … The first thing I did was call my husband to tell him. But when I called him I was so excited that all I could do was stutter.”

InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley knows his family of players and his growing family of mega-jackpot winners who have scooped over $1,979,000 this year. The gregarious Ryan spends a lot of his time in the casino’s online chat room, and when he is not busy giving away bonuses he is spending time getting to know just about everyone in the casino. He describes Erin as a woman who likes to try new games and knows how to have her fun online. “Erin tells me she is a keno player at heart, but jumps to the progressive jackpots for the big money. She knows how to have fun in the casino, and that’s makes me pleased as can be.”

Luckily for Erin, she jumped from keno to slots at just the right time, as the Rags To Riches jackpot was accumulating towards the $150,000 mark after paying out InterCasino player Shawn $149,986 just weeks ago. Unlike Erin who has been an InterCasino player for years, Shawn was a player for a little under an hour when he won his $149,986.

How does a person react when their everyday routine is interrupted by an avalanche of good fortune? Wearing her sensibility hat, Erin has already made up her mind. “The kids just got out of college so we are pretty much on our own now. Most of the money will go into our savings, but the one thing I would like to do for myself is replace my car. If there is one thing I’d like to tell everyone who reads this, it’s that these things actually do happen to real people. I’ve won $1,000 or $2,000 in Atlantic City before, but you can really hit it big when you play online.”

The single question remains. How will you react?

Diamond Digital Releases New Game

Diamond Digital Systems, a leading provider of Internet gaming software, today released Jackpot Jamba, the second in its new line of exciting 5-reel 9-line slots and Ride ‘m Poker, a table card game which allows multi-hand play. The games were simultaneously released in both Diamond’s Java-based browser and Win32 download client formats, and complement the company’s many existing table, video poker, keno and slot games.

“With Jackpot Jamba, we have added a progressive Jackpot to our already incredibly popular 5-reel slot with second screen bonus game format. This, together with completely new game logic, results in a different feel to our previous 5-reel slot release, Monkey Money. Ride ‘m Poker is the first release of our new multi-hand technology – 168 players can enjoy up to three simultaneous hands of this exciting table game, with the easy to use interface and high quality immersive graphics that sets the Diamond platform apart”, said Nick Gabriel, V.P. Operations of Diamond Digital Systems. “These games feature the same attention to detail that players have come to expect from Diamond – uncompromising game quality and compact, short download times.”

High quality, immersive graphics and a clean, easy to use interface, the Diamond hallmark, distinguish the games. Jackpot Jamba accepts wagers in denominations of 5c, 10c, 25c & $1, whilst table limits for Ride ‘e Poker are defined by individual casinos. The games can be played at all Diamond licensee sites including MangoCasino:

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